Paradrive Seating Systems
9-12 Hume Reserve Court, Bell Park Victoria, 3215, Australia
+61 3 5278 5300
Fax: +61 3 5272 1733

Paradrive - A new era in Specialist Seating Systems

PARADRIVE  - inherited the Australian Made superior seat system from Paratus  and is designed to give comfort  in demanding situations and environments.

Paradrive Seats offer safe comfortable seating solutions . Paradrive are manufactured using robust steel frames with enhanced comfort through the use of multi density foam pads.

A lumbar support provides lower back support and in conjunction with a tuned suspension system (Pirelli) provides an ergonomically design solution.

Our seats are Australian Design Rule Approved and come in a wide range of automotive vinyl, fabric or leather.

The system is completed with double sided recliners/tilt forward recliner to fit your particular needs.

We provide a full warranty on the seats and interface frames.

Our staff can discuss your exact requirements and  particular colour or configuration.

We are focused on manufacturing a top quality special seat system for the operator where a superior seat is essential for both comfort and safety.  

Those long outback treks demand a seat of quality  - we can provide this great comfort able seat  to fit most popular off road vehicles and industry fleets.