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The Pararally seat was conceived to withstand the rally world  where comfort support and fatigue reduction are paramount to both the driver and the navigator.

Put to the test in many rallies  one crew travelled 19,000 km over some of Australia’s harshest country  in 20 days

The adjustable doughnut headrest allows for the  use of the competition seat belt.

This model can be popular in the recreational driving environment as  well as full on competition . 

It is the choice  of some keen off the roaders who want comfort and safety.

Mix 'n Match

Paradrive Seats can be mix n matched to suit your needs.

Our Modular design enables you to mix and match seat cushions and backs within the range to your oarticular need and application.

Options which can be included into ANY seat are:

  • Protective Leather Bolster – especially for high wear conditions.
  • Adjustable Armrests- A fantastic option, particular for those without a centre console or for those long trips.
  • Pneumatic Lumbar Support- Strongly recommended for reducing lower back pain  on those long trips.