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The para swift has unobtrusive side bolsters and an integrated head restraint  and its unique foam contouring provides built -in comfort thereby reducing driver fatigue.

The seat will suit those who require easy entry and exit from  their vehicles  without being restricted by  high side bolsters.

This seat is one of most popular models

Fire Services use these seats in their 4x4 fire vehicles.

Mix 'n Match

Paradrive Seats can be mix n matched to suit your needs.

Our Modular design enables you to mix and match seat cushions and backs within the range to your oarticular need and application.

Options which can be included into ANY seat are:

  • Protective Leather Bolster – especially for high wear conditions.
  • Adjustable Armrests- A fantastic option, particular for those without a centre console or for those long trips.
  • Pneumatic Lumbar Support- Strongly recommended for reducing lower back pain  on those long trips.